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18th Birthday Catering

A milestone for every young lady, a debut is one of the awaited moments in her life. The 18th year celebrates the coming of age of a woman. It also signifies being of legal age. Just like any important occasions in one's life, it entails remarkable celebration. Let an intricate plan boils down to a worthwhile choice involving catering: Birthday Catering. Whether you will have a posh cocktail party, a luxurious ball or a simple birthday celebration at home, fret no more. We can guarantee the best food to serve for you and your guests to suit your taste, style and budget. You can party all night as we hassle-free take charge of your party's food and drinks. You will be the star of the night and the talk of the town after the party as your friends and colleagues witness and experience a first-class party only made possible by Birthday Catering.

You can have a classy 18th birthday party you've been dreaming of whenever you are in Australia, be it in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. We will be happy to serve you at our best.

How about having The Works menu, a taste to dine for? With just a minimum of 30 guests, your party will be served with Cheese, Cabanossi, Dips, Biscuits & Peanuts or Hot Fingerfood for a start, Boneless Yearling Beef with Mustard, Boneless Legs of Pork with Apple Sauce, Roast Chicken Pieces, a choice of four freshly prepared salads, Continental Bread Rolls and Butter Portions for main course, and Fresh Tropical Fruit Platters for dessert.

Have a sumptuous meal on your party with our finger food platter menu to choose from. Have a taste of elegance and satisfy your cravings with a touch of Italian taste from our cold platters such as Italian Antipasto or Gourmet Antipasto. For seafood lovers, why not serve some from these: Authentic Thai Fishcakes, Petite Tempura Whiting Fillets, Tempura Prawns, Crispy Fish Cocktails, Prawn Sticks and Green Curry Prawn Spring Roll, and from cold platters menu such as Cold South Australian King Prawns and Seafood Basket.

Savour the night with this Banana Caramel Petite Cake as you finish your meal with its sweet, luscious taste in your mouth.

Add some touch of your own personality by customizing your own meal from our several offerings on birthday party buffet menu. Take a look at our succulent party menus and choose which will perfectly fit on your 18th birthday party and will surely leave your guests delighted.